Ubiwhere wins tender for a 5G European project

Ubiwhere wins tender for a 5G European project

Amongst organizations such as Universities, SMEs and Research Institutes, there were 32 offers submitted to the European Project FLAME contest which only 6 came out winning. Ubiwhere is one of two Portuguese winning companies, whose pilot to be implemented will take place in Bristol.

The main objective of the project is to create an ecosystem for testing and creation of innovative media content and applications, using the next mobile communications network 5G. 

Ubiwhere competed for this contest with the EdgeTube project, a smart solution for video analysis and processing. The goal is to develop an innovative platform where the user can capture video and share with other users simultaneously, optimizing communications in events with a large influx of people, such as music concerts or summer festivals, innovating in the transmission of events and making it almost real for remote viewers. 

Users can capture and share video using their own smartphone and with a substantially better connectivity experience. At the same time, the solution based on 5G mobile communications, will allow other users, remotely connected to the platform, to watch these same transmissions, with the guarantee that they will have the best experience possible.

According to Maria Chiara Campodonico, in charge of managing the FLAME Open Calls Steering Committee, it was impressive "the high-calibre of bids in response to FLAME’s first open call this year. Among the proposals received, a relevant number not only presented innovative solutions but also demonstrated an high expertise in the Future Media Internet ecosystem". The FLAME Project Coordinator Michael Boniface says this project "represents a significant opportunity for companies wanting to understand the potential feasibility of 5G media platforms and benefits to consumers”.

This is an innovative project that reveals Ubiwhere's ability to develop innovative systems in the 5G area and the continued focus on Research & Innovation in European reference projects.


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