Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform gets “Powered By Fiware” Certification

Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform gets “Powered By Fiware” Certification

The Urban Platform for Integrated City Management developed by Ubiwhere has recently been certified as "Powered by FIWARE". The certification recognizes that the solution implements best practices in integrated urban management. 

Urban Platform Solution

Urban Platform allows data collection and processing in a variety of domains, such as traffic, air quality, energy efficiency, meteorology or tourist points of interest, crossing them and presenting indicators in a unified form. The combination of these different domains associated with a single customizable dashboard, allows municipalities to obtain the information needed to create more informed and data-driven policies. Therefore, better-informed decision-making and constant follow-up through empirical reports on its impact are possible.

End users can define and customize dashboard layout, as well as all dashboards (maps, graphs, indicators) by filtering information from any available source and combining it into different domains such as mobility, environment, and public policy. The main objective is to analyze the impact of the measures taken in order to effectively reduce operating costs, greenhouse gas emissions, optimize parking, improve waste collection routes; in short, improve citizens’ life quality.

FIWARE is an open source European initiative, whose mission is to build an open and sustainable ecosystem for Smart Cities. It focuses on public, royalty-free, and application-oriented software standards for the development of intelligent applications across multiple domains.

This initiative provides a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and software components, also combining components that enable Internet of Things (IoT) connection, with context information management and Big Data services in the cloud.


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