Ubiwhere’s smart parking proposal, QPARK, was selected for funding in the FET Innovation Launch of H2020

Ubiwhere’s smart parking proposal, QPARK, was selected for funding in the FET Innovation Launch of H2020

Ubiwhere was the first Portuguese entity having a selected proposal in the FET Funding Innovation Launchpad, an instrument that has recently become part of the European Innovation Council funding programme Horizon 2020, along with other instruments known as the SME Instrument and the Fast Track to Innovation.

QPARK, the selected proposal, was submitted to the FET Innovation Launchpad topic of Horizon 2020, which funds innovation activities around FET projects results that are currently in progress or have been recently completed.

QPARK aims to improve the current intelligent parking solution, enriching it with a new functionality that will allow the creation of occupancy reports through detailed analysis of which areas of the city would be more affected by certain events (road, tourist) and external conditions (meteorology). Thus, it is intended to understand how the sudden increase of people can affect the city’s traffic and parking occupancy.

Ubiwhere will apply results of a FET Proactive project, approved in the previous FP7 framework program, designated by QUANTICOL, in its Smart Parking solution. The previous QUANTICOL project has developed innovative mathematical tools to improve the management of resources in cities, which aligns with the objectives that Ubiwhere has for the development of its products.

FET Innovation Launchpad aims to enhance innovation processes identified in the course of FET projects, and it also provides the necessary conditions for the first steps in the transformation of social or economic innovation research, bearing in mind the possible market applications. 

The activities funded by the FET Innovation Launchpad may include, among other things, the definition of a trading process, a market analysis and competitiveness studies, the development of business plans, the intellectual property rights consolidation, and the support of relevant activities to transfer technology among investors.

In H2020, the FET opportunities for funding represent a visionary scheme for the future of European research and technology, that is expected to continue in the next 9th Framework Programme, within the scope of the European Innovation Council.


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