Ubiwhere collaborates with Deutsche Bahn!

Ubiwhere collaborates with Deutsche Bahn!

Ubiwhere has established close collaboration with Deutsche Bahn in order to win the challenge of improving its operations through the management of transport network data and ticketing information. Funded by the European Union, this project aims to create innovative products and services of high impact in response to a number of challenges in sectors including transport, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing and retail. 

Ubiwhere was the only company at European level to meet the challenge launched by Deutsche Bahn. The initiative aims to improve public transport through open data management and it’s part of Data Pitch, a research and innovation project of the Horizon 2020 funding program.

The programme is centred around a competition with several tracks, which describes challenges set by the data-provisioning organisations, and an accelerator programme (6 months) to help startups and SMEs develop solutions to meet these challenges.

Ricardo Vitorino, Ubiwhere’s R&I Manager, said that the company is an integrator between municipal service providers and decision makers, providing tools to improve operational efficiency and facilitate integration with existing municipal enterprise systems, a requirement for the unified vision of a smart city. 

The main objective of Ubiwhere is to engage Deutsche Bahn to identify pain points in mobility management, spot hidden costs and inefficiencies and increase our solution’s fitness and market readiness. The final result of this project should be an application capable of empowering the operational staff of Deutsche Bahn with relevant inputs for both their daily operations and broader management. 

With more than 1 million euros turnover since 2013, Ubiwhere has been growing steadily, and has now about 50 employees in four offices in Portugal. In 2016, PROEF Group (with more than 25 companies and currently present in 11 countries) invested in Ubiwhere, bringing the SME into the group as the Innovation Unit.