Try Phire to Deal with Fire

Try Phire to Deal with Fire

Proef in partnership with Vodafone is developing the Phire project, a pilot for the deployment of measures to slow down the impact of forest fires in telecommunications infrastructures.

The year 2017 proved to be one of the most tragic in Portugal in events of fire, the public debate also fell on Telecommunication operators, about 200 radiocommunication stations, more than 500 Km of copper or fiber optic cables and 5,000 poles were destroyed by fire.

Constant failings have compromised several calls for help and hamper authorities from issuing emergency alerts to the civilian community, making it clear that some telecommunication infrastructures revealed weaknesses in this kind of natural disasters.

The first pilot of Phire was implemented last July in a telecommunications station at Ferreira do Zêzere. Phire adds a set of key measures, among which we highlight:
  • The use of a high-density sandwich panel, as a measure to restrain the fire on access doors and for the protection of telecommunications cabinets;
  • Stainless steel tubing with high-density rock wool throughout the tower for the protection of voice communications and priority transmission links;
  • CO2 units to be implemented inside the LCS cabinets, developed by Eurico Ferreira, for alternate triggers to reduce the temperature inside the cabinet;
  • Definition of procedural rules in case of a disaster scenario, prioritizing the performance of the equipment classified as "primal” and shutting off everything that is considered superfluous, thus ensuring a longer time of operation of the station in an emergency scenario.

These measures also ensure the security of the assets of telecom operators who have been investing significantly in their infrastructures.

Proef, namely Eurico Ferreira Portugal, and Vodafone demonstrate once again a common vision of innovation and a strong commitment to the communities where they are present.