The new campaign of Águas de Portugal has Ubiwhere’s signature

The new campaign of Águas de Portugal has Ubiwhere’s signature

Ubiwhere was the entity chosen for the development of Águas de Portugal’s most recent awareness campaign.

The campaign has the motto "Água com um pingo de consciência” ("Water with a drop of consciousness") and has as its main target the big consumers of water. The objective is to counteract the tendency of waste in water consumption, disruptively and with an irreverent graphic concept, leading the consumer to think how their small habits can effectively mark the difference.

This is a fully-built campaign by Ubiwhere, which will encompass various communication strands such as: creative concept and campaign branding, press, radio and television ads, digital advertising and social media, and specific awareness sessions for municipal and schools.

In the official campaign’s presentation, the Environment Minister, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, affirmed that "rational use of water" is a message that needs to reach "urban consumers and large consumers". In this sense, the motto also aims to be an alert for the population that, unconsciously, adopts habits without environmental concern or sustainability with the planet.

For Ubiwhere, this is a significant step in the development of advertising projects nationwide and marks a new stage in the technological company that, in the upcoming days, will present to the public a total rebranding of the brand.

Watch the Tv Commercial

Listen to the campaign’s radio advert


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