Selfnet’s penultimate meeting in Leipzig

Selfnet’s penultimate meeting in Leipzig

The Selfnet consortium held the 11th (and penultimate) plenary meeting between 21 and 23 February in Leipzig, Germany. Innoroute, a Munich-based company was the host partner.

The central theme of the meeting was the integration and validation of the Selfnet’s system, focusing mainly on the so-called "Composed Use Case "that aims to test the functionality of the project’s 3 Use Cases: Self-Healing, Self-Protection and Self-Optimization.

The project is due to end next June, this way, the partners face the great challenge of ensuring that all the objectives proposed in the application are successfully achieved. The results will then be subject of a final evaluation, by the European Commission, two months after the end of the project, in September 2018.

In order to boost the exploitation of the project, the consortium will hold "Selfnet Industry Workshop" on May 24 in Heidelberg, Germany. Proef as leader of WP8 is part of the organization of this event, which have been designed and prepared since November 2017.

The "Selfnet Industry Workshop" is a networking event and brainstorming about autonomous network management in 5G context. This event aims to bring together key players from telecommunications’ sector such as operators, vendors and service providers/solutions.

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