Selfnet Industry Workshop

Selfnet Industry Workshop

On May 24 the Selfnet Consortium organized a workshop dedicated to the Telecommunication Industry in Heidelberg, Germany.

The event attracted more than 30 experts across Europe, including Operators representatives, Vendors and Telecommunication Network Service Providers to discuss the future of the 5G network.

During the morning, the participants discussed the potential of Selfnet as an autonomous cost-effective and efficient tool in managing common problems of operators in a 5G context.

Participants were also given first-hand insights on Selfnet’s outcomes, explained by elements of the consortium through demonstration videos:
  • IA in 5G - Zero Touch Network in the context of self-healing network;
  • Self-Optimization Use Case / Trust Node – Hardware-accelerated Self-Otimization Graphical Processing;
  • Selfnet GUI - Graphical interface monitoring for network status;
  • Self-Healing Use Case - Autonomous and preventive mitigation of network failures;
  • SDN / NFV Application Management - Autonomous and automatic management applications;
  • Self-Protection Use Case - Cyber security techniques in case of attack threats.

During the afternoon a panel of experts, moderated by David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom, discussed the next steps for the implementation of autonomous network management in 5G:

  • Sławomir Kukliński | Orange Poland;
  • Maria Barros | Coordinator of Eurescom;
  • Giacomo Bernini | Nextworks;
  • Raymond Forbes | Huawei;
  • Eunice Ribeiro | Ubiwhere;
  • Kieran Sullivan | Co-President of the 5G PPP Network Management and QoS Working Group of Waterford Institute of Technology.

Proef as leader of WP8, dedicated to the Dissemination and Exploitation activities of the project, integrated the Organizing Committee alongside with DFKI, Eurescom and Altice.