REN Inaugurates Data Center in Riba De Ave

REN Inaugurates Data Center in Riba De Ave

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais inaugurated its new Data Center in Riba de Ave, an infrastructure of reference and technological excellence in Portugal.

The Eurico Ferreira Portugal / Siemens consortium, in cooperation with Proef IT, was responsible for the installation of communications, electrical power connections, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, centralized technical management systems, among others.

This infrastructure occupies an area of about 5,000 m²  and includes 1,200 m²  of technical rooms dedicated to the housing of the equipment that will host the country's most diverse and critical information and telecommunications systems.

The Data Center will serve not only REN, but also the EDP group and the NOS group, clients of RENTELECOM, REN's group telecommunications network operator.

Due to the high criticality of this infrastructure for REN group and for its clients, the Data Center was submitted to review by the Uptime Institute, thus being subject to thorough commissioning tests and trials to attest its level of resilience to failures, having received the Tier III certification. This is now the second Data Center in Portugal with this certification.

The size and technical specifications of the project meant a high demand challenge for our teams, thus reinforcing our skills on system integration and infrastructures for Data Centers.

Source: REN