New NOS’ Data Center in Lisbon

New NOS’ Data Center in Lisbon

NOS inaugurated its new Data Center, the Imopolis II, at Parque Holanda in Carnaxide (Lisbon) in early February 2018.

The new infrastructure occupies an area of around 1000 m² and has a usable area of 630 m2 with technical rooms, being a staged project, this new Data Center can increase to five times larger than the current capacity.

NOS entrusted to Eurico Ferreira all the works concerning Electrical Infrastructures, Air Conditioning, Communications and Security systems, also equipping the technical rooms with exclusive custom-made cabinets for the client.

Once again we highlight the establishment of internal synergies between Proef’s Group companies with the important contribution of Proef IT.

The proximity of this new Data Center to the existing one in Parque Holanda (Imopolis I) allows, among others, the reduction of the latency of the communications. In addition to the increased speed, it also has distinctive features like its modularity, offering greater customer growth and performance improvement, thus ensuring the technology required for NOS to offer its Cloud and Data Analytics services which are growing exponentially on the market.

Jorge Graça, administrator and CTO of NOS, highlights that the new Data Center allows NOS to "deliver to its customers a series of new services", assuring the technological basis for technologies such as "5G, Virtualization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence".

Imopolis II allows NOS to get closer to its goal of increasing the installed capacity in data storage and associated business services by 50%.

Source: Imagens de Marca