New Innovation Space

New Innovation Space

"Innovation" is no longer just a buzzword, it is a basic requirement for any company in order to survive in today’s hypercompetitive market. Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars of Proef Group, the proof lies in the new Innovation Space in Eurico Ferreira Portugal headquarters, in Trofa!

Conceived to reflect the Group's values, the new space seeks to foster collaboration, co-creation and the sharing of ideas to solve the daily challenges that our innovation team face.

As great ideas rarely come in a closed room in front of computer, the open space concept was designed with an interesting particularity, a brainstorming room inside three containers!

In this modern and innovative space the containers symbolize the history and the path of Proef Group towards internationalization, these containers were used by the company for several years and have even crossed Continents! Today they are a functional space and a true box of ideas! To think outside the box, you must have to get inside the box!

After having taken the first step in the field of R & D in 2015, today the Proef’s Group Innovation team is involved in several projects at the national and European level on key trends for the future, such as 4G / 5G telecommunications networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities among others!


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