New Ideas Fund invests in Omniflow

New Ideas Fund invests in Omniflow

The New Ideas fund, composed by Proef, HCapital and EFACEC, invested 2M € in the Portuguese technology-based company, joining Portugal Ventures in the shareholder structure.

Omniflow is the latest investment from the New Ideas fund! The Portuguese venture capital fund dedicated to the areas of energy, mobility and smart territories concluded in December another round of investment, this time of 2M € in the Portuguese technology-based company.

Following the fund's investment, Omniflow has also joined Proef's portfolio, establishing a strategic partnership that complements the innovative capability of global and integrated solutions based on energy efficiency, efficient lighting, Small Cells, 4G / 5G, among others. The international consolidation of Proef also contributes to Omniflow's international expansion. 

Omniflow is a technology company that develops an intelligent energy platform for the Internet of Things - the Omniled, a smart pole with a hybrid solar and wind power generation system, making its management efficient. Omniled enables the aggregation of a significant number of technologies in a single pole, which are sustained by the energy collected, from LED lighting, Small Cells, sensors, video surveillance system, charging electric vehicles, among others ... keeping them active even in periods power failure. The strong IoT component also enables real-time monitoring and control.

In addition to the innovative side of the solution, the ecological aspect has also benefited, for example, in a city with 10,000 Omnileds, the savings with this platform will be approximately of 7.3 Gwh / year with a reduction of 2,066 tons of CO2 each year.

Established in 2011 in Oporto, Omniflow already has about 1000 units installed in more than 20 countries, in addition to the main European markets, it is also present in the North American market and, more recently, in several African and Asian markets. In 2018 Omniflow presented a growth of 300% in sales volume and now, with this funding, the expectation is to reinforce the management team in software development, Internet of Things (IoT) and commercial.

Omniflow Smart Platform for IoT
Source: Omniflow

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