Live Working technical conference

Live Working technical conference

Proef Eurico Ferreira Portugal, in collaboration with Triformis, promoted a technical session on Live Working in LV, last May 17. The session brought together the several stakeholders in this field, from Proef operational technicians to decision makers in the market such as AQTSE - Association for the Technical Qualification of the Energy Sector and one of Proef's historical clients, EDP.

The main objective of this session was the reflection about this risky activity that "has been forgotten", but nevertheless, assumes a preponderant role in the power sector by assuring of continuity of electric supply to the populations in periods of maintenance repairment of power lines.

In the first part of the session various situations and obstacles that the operational team of Proef faces in their day to day activity, were exposed. Following the presentation, the operational team carried out practical examples at the training park of some of the cases previously showed.

In the last part of the session, the participants gathered again to exchange points of view and concerns that they are currently facing, envisioning the future challenges to come in this field of activity. All the participants were unanimous and emphasized the importance of the session in generating ideas and debate that contribute to the further development of the Live working activity.

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