EDP's Floating Photovoltaic Power Plant

EDP's Floating Photovoltaic Power Plant

Last 6th of July, Eurico Ferreira attended the official inauguration of the EDP’s (Energias De Portugal) Floating Photovoltaic Power Plant in Montalegre, Portugal.

In this project, Eurico Ferreira supplied and installed all the grid connection equipment, from medium voltage cells, to transformers and all the other necessary cables. In the final phase of the installation, the team tested all equipment ensuring that everything was working correctly.

Located at the Alto Rabagão dam, near the country’s northern border with Spain, EDP added 840 floating solar panels earlier this year, occupying an area of 2.500 sq m, boosting the plant’s total peak capacity to 220 Kwp. The project is expected to generate about 300 MWh in its first year, enough to power 100 homes for a year, it’s a relatively modest development but it offers big potential that can be expanded to countries like Brazil where EDP operates a large business and over 70 percent of power generation comes from hydro plants.

This kind of project has no precedent, making this the world’s first combined hydro and floating photovoltaic project where the floating panels work in tandem with the dam’s hydroelectric rotors.

Eurico Ferreira is proud that EDP, a long-time partner, had trusted in both technical and innovative skills of Eurico Ferreira's employees to carry out such ambitious project.