Challenge - 100% fiber in Haute-Garonne

Challenge - 100% fiber in Haute-Garonne

Proef signed two new contracts with Altitude Infrastructures for the construction of FTTH Networks in the department of Haute-Garonne, France.

Following the participation in the Losange project, in the Grand Est region, Proef takes on a new challenge in France - the connection of 66,611 homes in the department of Haute Garonne in the south of France, whose capital is the city of Toulouse.

The new project arises from the partnership with Altitude Infrastructures that includes two turn-key contracts for FTTh network implementation to reach the 100% fiber coverage in this region until May 2022!

Altitude Infrastructures is a PIN - Public Initiative Networks operator, a business model that is being implemented all over France and which allows operators, who do not possess their own network, to market their offerings, but above all, to ensure a high-speed network coverage to the French population.

Proef has a vast portfolio in fiber optic projects, namely in Portugal, which combined with the current needs of the French market have led to position itself as a partner with high technical know-how for projects of fiber networks expansion.