Automaise Capital Increase

Automaise Capital Increase

Automaise received an investment of 1M€ in a seed round. The Portuguese investment fund HCapital led this operation, thus joining Armilar Venture Partners and Bright Pixel as the Portuguese startup shareholders.

Following this investment, Automaise has also joined Proef's portfolio, reinforcing our ecosystem with a low code AI automation platform for building enterprise-level solutions.

Through artificial intelligence, Automaise can solve several problems of companies in their relationship with consumers. Automated management of social networks, intelligent digital assistants, and machine learning for forecasting models are some solutions developed.

Ernesto Pedrosa CEO of Startup, says that "this platform allows removing all the complexity of artificial intelligence and the need of data scientists, since we can put virtually anyone with the minimum knowledge to produce solutions based on artificial intelligence."

Automaise will now use this capital injection to start sales in Europe and the United States, hiring seven people to join the team.